August 13, 2022

Undecideds Hold The Key

DemocracircusTomorrow the “undecideds” will hold the key to the White House. With polls putting Hilary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by a lead that is within the margin of error, this election will be decided by the voters that are not hardcore Clinton or Trump supporters.
When shown to be in the lead, polls have been used by politicians as some sort of indisputable fact that they will be victorious come election day. However one has only to look at the British vote to leave the European Union, the Brexit vote, that took place on June 23, 2016, to realize that polling data is not the be-all end-all of electioneering. Brexit polling placed the British voting population at 48% to remain and 46% to leave with the “undecideds” holding the power that would preserve or change Britain’s relationship with the European Union. The final vote result was 48.1% to remain and 51.9% to leave.
With undecided voter distaste for both U.S. presidential candidates at an all time high, core supporters of both Clinton and Trump have already made their decision. It will be the “undecideds” who will steer the U.S. on a course of “more of the same” with Clinton or into the unknown with Trump. Trump is hoping to pull off his own version of the Brexit vote- not likely, but in the strange world of the U.S. Democracircus, anything is possible.

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