May 16, 2022

Private Harper

Stephen HarperAs a politician, managing your public persona is key to maintaining a favorable image to the voting public. Some politicians have charisma that seems to effortlessly carry them through a political crisis or periods of low popularity. Others need help.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has his own self promotional video crew, “24 Seven” , for what a cynic would call propaganda production. The crew follows Harper, attempting to cast a positive light on the PM’s actions.
Last month, Harper traveled to Kuwait and Iraq with $139 million of Canadian taxpayers’ money for humanitarian aid for refugees from the ongoing warfare in Iraq and Syria. This was in addition to the $67 million already committed.
While in Kuwait and Iraq, Harper’s desire for selfies with the military personnel stationed there led to protocols from the Department of Defense to be breached by Harper’s video crew. Canadian service members were not to be identified for fear of reprisals on the service members or their families. On the “24 Seven” website, military personnel were shown with Harper, until complaints forced the Prime Minister’s Office to blur out the faces of the service members shown on the videos.
Harper’s bluster about protecting Canadians, given as a reason to commit Canada to another war, seems to have been forgotten in his haste to create self promotional images to be used during the upcoming Canadian general election.

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