August 13, 2022

It’s Allowed, It’s An Election

Filthy Fisticuffs 2Character assassination is part and parcel of the right wing political modus operandi. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is employing this tactic against Justin Trudeau, leader of the federal Liberal Party, stating that Justin Trudeau wants “to become best friends with one of the state sponsors of terrorism in the world, the government of Iran”. This was in response to Trudeau stating that Canada should move to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran.
Stephen Harper has committed nine Canadian aircraft and support crews to the so called “war” against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. No western country has sent ground troops to actively engage ISIS fighters for fear of political repercussions from war wounded or dead, especially in the run up to the Canadian and U.S. elections.
Stephen Harper’s starry eyed admiration for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rhetoric against Iran, has perhaps blinded Harper to a few stark facts. The air campaign carried out by western countries has not succeeded in its goal of having ISIS relinquish the territory it has gained since entering Iraq from its stronghold in Syria. The only soldiers fighting and dying with the Iraqis against ISIS are foreigners-Hezbollah from Lebanon, Iranians and Kurds. Hezbollah, Iran, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK), are labelled terrorist groups by the West.
Without the aid of Iranian soldiers and armaments, ISIS would undoubtedly control a larger swath of Iraq than they now do, and admit it or not, Harper has found himself being a reluctant ally to “one of the state sponsors of terrorism in the world”.

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