August 13, 2022

Election Season Is Upon Us

DemocracircusThis election season in North America should, like usual, prove to be very entertaining. Not in a lighthearted Broadway Musical kind of way, but in a darker Machiavellian kind of way that inevitably, federal elections seem to slip. Canada’s federal election will be over by the fall of this year-barring some sort of legal or constitutional challenge of the results. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent attendance of the Summit of the Americas in Panama City has given him a breather from the legal/political scandal involving senators, some of whom he appointed, who have been criminally charged with fraud including one, Mike Duffy, who is now on trial.
America’s three ring circus has started-Republican, Democrat or fringe candidate, who’s only purpose in an election, according to the two parties, is to siphon votes from a real candidate. American politicians have until November 2016 to try to hide their blunders, keep closed the closet door on their skeletons, and put on a front that hopefully will last until the polls are closed.
If, however, they need a politician to emulate, they could choose Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, who, on March 17, won the Israeli election. Fearing a loss in a close race, and in order to garner the votes of hardline right-wing Israelis, Netanyahu stated the day before polling that a Palestinian state would not be established if he were re-elected. Two days after the election, Netanyahu said that he remained committed to Palestinian statehood, “I haven’t changed my policy”. If a politician values their own political life more than their love for their country and says anything to get elected, then it is guaranteed that he (or she) will do worse once in office.

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